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Our first Harvest of Lakhori Chilli also known as Yellow Chilli or Peeli Mirch

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

When we first got to know about the mysterious Lakhori Chilli (peeli mirch or yellow chilli) we were struck by a heightened sense of curiosity that wouldn’t slake unless we tried it. Countless calls, transfers and days of research later we found ourselves roaming in the quaint villages in Uttarakhand sampling Lakhori mirch. We still vividly remember ourselves sneezing the first time we entered a room crammed with yellow chillies. Our farmers couldn’t help but laugh. Let’s blame the pungency of the yellow chillies/peeli mirch for that.

Now why do we call this Lakhori chilli (yellow chilli or peeli mirch) the mysterious chilli?

Well firstly because not many people know of Lakhori chilli's existence. Secondly and surprisingly even the farmers growing peeli mirch did not know how it's being used and where is all the peeli mirch produce they are cultivating finally reaching. Some said peeli mirch is used for making tear gas while some simply said that the main town trader comes to their farm and collects all their peeli mirch in gunny bags, pays them and leaves. What happens after that remains an enigma we resolved to put an end to.

Peeli Mirch or Yellow Chilli sun drying in the mountain sun to be used for cooking. These are also locally known as Lakhori Chilli.
Fresh Lakhori Chilli also known as yellow chilli or peeli mirch