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Why Single-Origin Matters and Where It All Began

Updated: May 23, 2021

As we started questioning the origin and quality of our food, it led us to some insane discoveries about how our well stocked kitchen shelves have not only been duped all this while but could also be graced with never-tried before products. And having tasted some of the most flavourful turmeric and eye-watering chilli we knew something had to change. So many rounds of discussions later we found ourselves roaming with farmers in their villages around India and getting their best produce for ya all.

Manila, Uttarakhand
Where it all began....Our very first sourcing

Sure you’ve all come across single-origin coffee or single-origin chocolate. Most likely you’ve also considered how your vegetables are grown and where they come from. Have you however dwelled upon the origin of your spices and pantry staples though?