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The Long Road to Munsiyari Rajma

Updated: May 23, 2021

We had been waiting for the calendar to strike December the entire year, quite literally. Not because we were excited for the countdown to a new year but because we were eagerly waiting to source the product we were the most excited about. So here we were, at 4:00 AM on a cold winter morning, driving through the dead silence of city streets on our way to Munsiyari, Uttarakhand to get our hands on the famous rajma grown in that region.

We had been in touch with a farmer practicing sustainable farming of not just rajma but also other wild produce that he was super excited to show us. After relentless hours of driving on bumpy roads, almost breaking our backs and several villages later we finally reached Munsiyari and the most heartwarming smile greeted us. Our partner farmer was at the hotel to receive us and we couldn’t have been more happier to see him. We were finally meeting the wonderful man behind all those mesmerizing pictures of snow capped mountains, beautiful flowers and cute family selfies we were being sent every single day. We spent the rest of the day relaxing, strolling on the streets and enjoying local delicacies before a long day that awaited us tomorrow.

Meals in many of the smaller villages across the region consisted of produce grown and consumed seasonally. A super chilly December offered us oodles of gahat dal, local greens, bhaang chutney, and warm soups. Everything tasted amazing just like a pure home cooked meal. The next day we met our partner farmer at his house and a cup of chai later we headed to his village to sample the rajma. Munsiyari is a small village nestled in the high-ranging mountains of Uttarakhand surrounded with many other neighbouring villages.So we had to go to another village about 45 kms away.

What we weren’t prepared for was the incapacitating journey ahead. The views changed quickly from dense green mountains to bumpy unkept roads in no time. The mountain lingo suggested that we shall reach our destination in about 2 hours which our unaware selves failed to decrypt to you’re gonna need to brace yourself up. It took us 3 mountains up and down, endless rocky roads, nauseating curves and almost 4.5 hours to reach his village. But oh boy, was it worth it? Hell yeah! Because what we saw was the most amazing rajma shining bright under the sun, waiting to be picked up. This rajma tastes almost buttery and is so soft that it just melts in your mouth. We were elated beyond measure at the success of our trip.

We spent some time in his village making friends with his neighbours and flipping over the breathtaking beauty that surrounded us. Oh we also picked up some organic veggies from his garden and plucked juicy mandarins from tall trees planted by our new found friends who were happy to let us have our share of fun. We just didn’t want to leave, but we were also equally thrilled to get the most amazing rajma for y'all. So we loaded up our car and set out on our journey back.

Packing Single Origin Rajma India
Rajma Grading Single Origin India
Grading the rajma for the best beans

Now at 7200ft grown under clear bright skies, fresh mountain air and clean water you don’t really need to add anything to protect or better your crop. So you can be sure that what you’re getting is the healthiest and the cleanest rajma ever. It’s just not required. You’re in for a treat.

Try out our Red Munsiyari Rajma here and White Munsiyari Rajma here.

Rajma Fields Munsiyari India
That's where our rajma comes from!

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