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Lakadong Turmeric - The High Curcumin Turmeric You Need To Add To Your Pantry

Updated: May 23, 2022

Turmeric or Haldi is one of the most treasured spices in our Indian pantry. It’s the most talked about ingredient as it’s use spans across multiple categories including medicine, beauty, cooking and so much more. Don’t we just love adding turmeric to our curries, rice, stews, morning health shots and even make the much loved golden milk also proudly known as haldi vala doodh and glow imparting face masks? The golden spice is loved in ayurvedic tradition and has found a well deserved place in modern-day holistic wellness, which puts turmeric on a much-deserved pedestal.

But not all turmeric is created equal. Even though there are several varieties of turmeric available in India, Lakadong turmeric is special. Let us tell you how. Lakadong is an heirloom variety of turmeric that’s cultivated in the foothills of the west Jaintia Hills in Meghalaya. It is favoured for its high curcumin content of more than 8%, as against 2-3% found in regular varieties available in the market.

What is curcumin you ask?

It’s the reason why you should be consuming turmeric in the first place. Curcumin is a key active ingredient in turmeric that lends its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and a bright yellow colour to the spice. So the higher the curcumin the more value it adds to the turmeric. A lot of time our customers would ask us what’s so special about your turmeric and why it is your turmeric expensive compared to regular turmeric available in the market. We have just one thing to say, it’s the fruit of intense labour and hard work that goes into growing a crop that’s not only loaded with health benefits but also produced in the most sustainable way possible. But for those of you keeping a track, let’s rationalise the details for you.

More curcumin content

The most obvious difference is in the curcumin content. Where a regular variety of turmeric contains anywhere close to 2% curcumin, our Lakadong Turmeric boasts a whooping 8% and upwards. The health benefits of curcumin are well noted, it’s anti-inflammatory, immunity boosting, replete with antioxidants and has many many more powerful properties.

Traceable source

Turmeric is grown across India. By the time it reaches in a packet on a supermarket shelf you are unlikely to have any idea about its source of origination or process of cultivation. Whereas our lakadong turmeric comes from our trusted partner farmer in Meghalaya employing sustainable farming techniques to grow the best turmeric for you.

Free of Pesticides and Lead

*A recent study conducted tested 52 samples of turmeric, assessing branded and packaged varieties, as well as loose powders, it found lead in all of them. Lead chromate was added to the turmeric to brighten its golden colour. The ill effects of lead exposure build up over time and that these spices are used in households every day and across India.

Our turmeric powder is lab tested for purity, it 100% pesticide and lead free.

No added colour

Lakadong turmeric has a bright, golden yellow hue that can only come from the high curcumin content. As opposed to the regular turmeric that is either unreasonably bright yellow which could mean added colours or appears dull and muted.

Extremely potent

This heirloom variety of turmeric is insanely potent. Which means you end up using way less quantity in your cooking. Compared to the regular turmeric you just need half the amount of our lakadong turmeric for full efficacy. So we’ve been told by our beloved community who swear by it.

Our organic lakadong turmeric powder is grown by our partner farmer in Khonshong, Meghalaya who has been practicing regenerative farming for almost 7 years now. It’s a no nonsense single-origin turmeric which means it comes from one farm and you get your hands on the freshest produce grown by a single farmer with all its amazing flavors and natural oils intact. We’ve been reported that its aroma is unlike anything they’ve seen before and the flavour? Incredibly good. Take a sniff and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Shop our high curcumin Lakadong Turmeric now.

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